Soccer boosts bone development in boys

soccerNew research shows that playing soccer can improve bone development in adolescent boys. In a study comparing adolescent soccer players to swimmers, cyclists and a control group of boys not involved in regular sport, scientists found soccer led to significantly better bones after one year of training.


Positive people have less inflammation

morningPositive emotions are associated with lower levels of inflammation in the body. More specifically, a recent study examined how the breadth and relative abundance of emotions that individuals experience, known as emodiversity, is related to systemic inflammation. Using diary data from 175 adults who provided end-of-day reports of their positive and negative emotions over 30 days, the results showed that greater diversity in day-to-day positive emotions was associated with lower circulating levels of inflammation. The authors comment ‘These findings highlight the unique role daily positive emotions play in biological health’.


Yoga found as effective as physical therapy for back pain

yoga1Yoga is just as good as physical therapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain according to research recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. 320 study participants were randomly assigned to either 12 weekly yoga sessions, 15 physical therapy sessions, or to read an educational book and newsletters on how to manage chronic low back pain. After this, the researchers continued to follow the participants for 1 year, which included a 40-week maintenance phase. During the maintenance phase, yoga participants either took yoga drop-in classes or practised yoga at home. Physical therapy participants took part in physical therapy booster sessions or practised physical therapy at home. The results showed that ‘a manualized yoga program for nonspecific chronic low back pain was noninferior to physical therapy for function and pain’.


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Lemon eucalyptus oil as effective as DEET containing mosquito repellents

mosquitoIn a comparative study, researchers investigated the efficacy of eight commercially available products, two fragrances, and a vitamin B patch to repel two species of mosquito. The results showed that DEET repellents are the most effective mosquito repellents in the market. In addition, Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent displayed similar efficacy compared with DEET repellents. This DEET-free repellent had similar rates and duration of repellency as the commercially available DEET repellents.


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Fries increase mortality risk

chipsIn a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers investigated whether potato consumption (including fried and unfried potatoes) is associated with increased premature mortality risk. The study included 4440 participants with an 8-year follow-up from the Osteoarthritis Initiative cohort study. During the 8-year follow-up, 236 participants died. The results showed that participants who consumed fried potatoes 2–3 times per week and ≥3 times per week were at an increased risk of mortality. The consumption of unfried potatoes was not associated with an increased mortality risk.


Rheumatoid arthritic pain reduced with omega 3 fatty acids

Salmon, a fish high in omega 3

In a recent systematic review, researchers found that omega 3 fatty acid intake is effective in reducing pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients. The analysis of 18 randomized, controlled trials showed a dose of between 3 and 6 g daily had the best effect.



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